Crystal Divers | a PADI 5 star CDC Center

20 year anniversary!

20 years as PADI CDC Center

Did you know that Crystal Divers have been around for 20 years!

This is something that we need to celebrate. Trust us, we will! But we want to do this with you, the divers and people who have been with us during this wonderful time.

We will celebrate our 20:th year every 20:th day of the month for 12 months.

Our big 20 competition. Enter and win a free IDC with Crystal Divers. Every month on the 20:th we will pick one lucky person who will get to do a PADI course for 20USD! This will go on for 11 months and we will announce the winner of the IDC on the 20:th of December.

As it is our 20:th year we feel we want to show you guys how much you mean to us so we will release a Crystal VIP card that will give you a lot of extras! Stay tuned for more info about this.

Have you been diving with us in the past?

Well then, if you have your logbook with you and can prove (with crystal stamps) that you have done 20 dives with Crystal Divers then you can join on one of our dive trips for free! So remember to bring your logbook on your next holiday!

The Crystal-ticket

And if you are looking to do some more dives with your favorite dive company in Bali then we have just the thing for you! The Crystal-ticket. The ticket is valid for days of diving on all of our trips and you have 20 of them. Just purchase a ticket and you are good to go. If you don’t use them all on this holiday then save them for your next and know you have already purchased your dives. More info about the Crystal-ticket will come later.

Crystal Divers PARTY TIME!

It’s not a Crystal Event if theres no party. On the 11:th of November we will host the Crystal Divers 20 year anniversary party here at Crystal so make sure you book your holiday right. You do NOT want to miss out on this!

More to come

As you can see there are a few thing going on 2015 for Crystal Divers. This is just a few of the things that we have lined up for the anniversary and there will be more. Keep an eye out on Crystal Divers Facebook page for more info about whats going on and what’s happening at Crystal but most important, login to Facebook and join the Big 20 Competition! Win a free IDC with Crystal Divers.