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Crystal Divers Platinum PADI Course Directors

Minni Vangsgaard, Platinum PADI Course Director, scuba diving with another diver near a colorful coral reef in Bali, Indonesia.

Minni Vangsgaard

Platinum PADI Course Director #502165
CEO Crystal Divers Worldwide

Award-winning Platinum Course Director and owner of Crystal Divers, Minni Vangsgaard is a Mentor with a golden heart and vast experience conducting IDC’s around the world. Minni was the first Course Director in Bali and awarded Best Course Director in Australia and Asia 2007 as well as voted Best Instructor by Asian Diver magazine. Minni was awarded numerous times by PADI for OUT STANDING contribution to the dive industry.

Alex Walker

Platinum PADI Course Director #478121
General Manager

Alex is from the UK and has been an instructor since 2003 when he decided to follow a dream he had from the age of 13 when he learned to dive. Passionate about mentoring candidates on the IDC with the goal of creating the best instructors in the industry. Alex is also a Disabled Divers International Instructor Trainer and believes everyone in this world has the opportunity to experience the underwater world! What are you waiting for?!

Alex Walker, Platinum PADI Course Director, scuba diving near a coral reef in Bali, Indonesia.

Meet our awesome team of PADI Instructors and Divemasters.......

Silvano Eberle

PADI Master Instructor #500041
Dive Manager

Silvano comes all the way from Switzerland with a detour via our sister company Crystal Mauritius, where he had the position as Senior Instructor. Silvano has a background in teaching but started to dry out and changed his environment to showing people the amazing underwater world. He deep deep down believes he has incredible dancing skills, but truth being his mentor skills are really what will optimise his career. Silvano is fluent and teaching in both German and English, and has restricted his dancing career too friday nights.

Bali Crystal Divers
PADI Instructor Kyle

Kyle Rowland

PADI Staff Instructor #532347

Kyle is from the UK and took his first plunge underwater in 2009, 15 years ago in Greece. Kyle has been through nearly every career from engineering to banking, but there was always something missing. That little drop to fill the glass or should we say, ocean. He has finally found his element and made our waters a better place to be. Kyle is probably the most patient instructor you will ever meet on you way. If Kyle is not at crystal you will probably find him shopping for new and more equipment.

Hegi Siregar

PADI Instructor #543474

Hegi is from Sumatra and grew up amongst the mountains far far away from the ocean. Hegi is well travelled and has a degree in tourism. No matter if you are an early bird or a night owl you will always find Hegi’s big smile welcoming you, which could be based on the fact that there is free internet at Crystal. He speaks fluent English, Indonesian, Batak and is currently studying Korean and French. Hegi is our also our marketing manager and always makes sure to capture our good moments both above and below the surface

PADI Instructor Hegi Crystal Divers Bali
PADI Instructor Andrea Crystal Divers Bali

Andrea Sagastume Dorè Krøytzer

PADI Instructor #535478

Andrea came in to do a fun dive with Crystal and was really hard to get rid off, so we decided to employ her. Andrea is Danish and Guatemalan, and has studied fashion in Paris, before she swapped out the little black dress for the long black wetsuit. Andrea truly enjoys bubbles, wether its underwater, in a champagne flute or in her mind, you will not meet a more bubbly person. She speaks Danish, French, Spanish, English and Swahili.

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