PADI Deep Diver

Have you ever been diving at a wreck or a wall and stopped shallow and just wanted to go deeper to explore what lies below? Maybe you want to spot a glimpse of the famous Bali Mola Mola. This course takes you that bit further, to help you learn the correct procedures for planning dives that bit deeper.

You will learn precise and effective dive planning, understanding No-decompression limits and precise gas management. You will also learn about how diving deeper will affect your body and how light is affected by depth.

This course will fine tune tune your dive skills and open up more advanced dive sites to you as it will qualify you to dive to 40 metres; the limit of recreational diving!

PADI Deep Diver

including materials
Rp 5,400
per person
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Min Age:15
  • Min level: Adventure Diver

PADI Deep Diver Information

2 Days with 3 or 4 dives
Can be done in Tulamben, Manta Point and Nusa Penida dependent on weather and tide conditions. Diving deep it is imperative that suitable safe dive locations are chosen.

Full Equipment
PADI Materials
PADI Certification Card
Diving Insurance
Pick up and Drop off from Local Area
Lunch, snacks and soft drinks