Scuba Diving Tulamben with Crystal Divers

Scuba Diving Tulamben

Although the USAT Liberty shipwreck is the main attraction for divers at Tulamben there are several other great sites. At the eastern end is the famous Tulamben Drop-Off, a sheer wall teeming with marine life. Further around there are vast slopes and rock formations dropping into the deep and the reef in the main bay has been a favorite for some of the world’s top photographers for many years.

All of this coupled with very little current, makes absolutely perfect conditions for the last dives of the open water course the whole of the Advanced Open Water Course as well as many Specialty Courses – Underwater Photography, Wreck or one of the best Night Specialty dives most people will do in their lives! It’s also a great place to stay too! All dives sites listed here are shore diving entry and exit.

Visibility 15m – 30m+
Depth up to 40m.


Day Trip - 2 Dives
IDR 2.3 mil per person

USAT Liberty Wreck

After your descent down the sloping bottom, you will start seeing the tall stern rising from the bottom in the distance. As you get closer, you will be met by an array of multicoloured soft and hard corals and all different kinds of marine life. The USAT Liberty wreck holds a lot of treasures, although you won’t find any gold or diamonds, the true treasure here is the marine life and corals.

The wreck lies in approximately 33 metres of water at its deepest, and it goes all the way up to 3-5 metres below the surface, which makes it a perfect spot for divers and snorkellers alike. There is plenty to be explored around the 126 metres long wreck, and it even allows for a few swim through.

Keep your eyes open, as there’s a good chance of the residential turtle or great barracuda popping by to say hi. USAT Liberty is a must-do while in Bali, as this wreck probably is the most colourful and diverse you have seen.

Drop Off

If you love macro and big, beautiful corals, Drop Off will not disappoint. Keep your eyes wide open and take it slow, as there is lots of awesome macro life to be found between the rocks and corals as you swim towards Drop Off. Let it be either one of the many colourful nudibranchs such as Chromodoris Strigata, Tambja Morosa or Risbecia Tryoni, or maybe you are lucky to spot some of the tiny little Sexy Anemone Shrimps along the way.

Once you reach the dive site, you will see a big wall dropping all the way down to around 40 meters of depth with lots and lots of beautiful corals including big fan corals. When diving at Drop Off, you will find a great variety of marine life, such as Oriental Sweetlips, Black-blotched porcupinefish or maybe even the occasional octopus or the bumphead parrotfish.

Coral Garden

As with any dive in Tulamben, Coral Garden is also a shore dive, and it is to be found in between Drop Off and the USAT Liberty wreck. Coral Garden has a lot to offer, and it can easily go by the name ‘Anemone City’, as you will find heaps of anemones around the dive site. Besides being full of anemones, you are also likely to come across some of the beautiful big barrel sponges – do not forget to have a look on the outside for shrimps, or on the inside for residential crabs. 

In between the corals, rocks and sand you are likely to spot ribbon eels as well as moray eels, banded boxer shrimps and all sorts of nudibranchs. Coral Garden is also known for its artificial reef structures, where all sorts of marine life live and corals have formed. Along the shallower end of Coral Garden it is likely to spot black tip reef sharks.


Boga still have the complete shape and look of a wreck. Boga can be found at around 18 meters of depth, and it goes all the way down to around 36 meters, which makes it perfect for divers certified Advanced Open Water as well as those with Wreck and/or Deep specialties. There is plenty to be explored as the wreck is around 40 metres long.

Boga was sunk with the intention of being an artificial reef, and over the years corals have started to form, which means Boga have become a home to a lot of marine life. Diving inside and around Boga, it is possible to see a VW jeep, the propeller and the steering wheel. Around and inside the wreck lives a great variety of marine life such as schools of fusiliers, surgeonfish and oriental sweetlips. 

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