Emergency First Response Instructor with Crystal Divers

Emergency First Response Instructor

To be certified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you must also be an Instructor in basic life support and first aid. The Emergency First Response Instructor Course is a great way to meet that requirement. EFRI is a course that teaches people basic life support and first aid. As a PADI Instructor, you will be teaching Rescue Divers and one of the pre-requisite for Rescue Diver is a First Aid course this is a great way for you to integrate first aid training with rescue diver training.

The EFRI course is a great course that teaches confidence to your students and breaks down often-scary topics such as CPR to simple easy to remember skills and procedures. Teaching in a relaxed environment will empower your students to render assistance should these skills be called upon. The course focuses on the real-life application of these skills and not just diving accidents but the treatment of illness and injuries that can affect anyone at anytime.

The Instructor course takes two days and in it, you will learn to give demonstration quality CPR and first aid presentations, relaxed problem-solving teaching techniques and marketing of EFR programs for basic life support and first aid for adults, children, and infants.

Emergency First Response Information

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