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PADI IDC Staff Instructor

The goal of the PADI Staff Instructor Course is to learn how to assess instructor candidates and how to offer them feedback on their presentations. We develop candidates to be the best possible and enter the world as a scuba instructor ready to teach the world to dive and confident to teach courses at all levels. The staff instructor course is a really cool way to get the most up to date information of what’s happening in the PADI instructor development world and a great way to take the step into instructor development.

You will learn not only how to assess, evaluate and feedback to instructor candidates but also get an in-depth look at the PADI teaching system as a whole and learn about the most modern teaching techniques of developing instructor candidates and also recreational students. We cover many workshops over and above the curriculum that Staff Instructors will find useful such as CV workshops and marketing exercises.

In Bali we run our IDC’s over 16 days with one day off in the middle and then we go to the IE so you will be able to see the whole process through which is really nice. If you have time constraints this is not a performance requirement. Just a nice way to finish and very rewarding for you to see the hard work you put into the candidates.

As you will effectively be part of the instructor development team even when you are on your course we highly recommend that you have a brush over your dive theory and standards knowledge as this will be very beneficial to you and to the candidates you will be assisting.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor Internship Information

PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course​s

PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course

The Staff Instructor Course will need two days before the start of the “normal IDC” where you and our Platinum PADI Course Director will look into how to evaluate candidates and how to give effective feedback. We also spend a lot of time working on the psychology of instructor development. You as the IDC Staff Instructor candidate will need to also pass the PADI IDC exams to a score of 83% min and we need to do a skill circuit where for you we would focus on neutral buoyancy skills that we should be working towards with all our students. And you will need to give a classroom and pool presentation which will be done in conjunction with the IDC candidates.


excluding materials and PADI fees
IDR 20 MIL per person
  • 18 Days
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Staff Instructor Course - All Inclusive

In addition to the above, it also includes “IDC prep” where you will work closely with Alex our Platinum PADI Course Director and the other staff instructors as we guide our candidates through dive theory, standards and skills preparation. This will be particularly useful to you when you are working with your own candidates as what we do is not only get the candidates to a point where they can pass the exam but also teach the actual subject! It also includes all materials (CD Manual digital, confined and open water evaluation slates). It also includes our MSDT dive safari with the candidates, this is also really useful to you as it will show you how we teach specialty courses and add extra value to your recreational training. Plus it’s a really fun way to end an IDC and IE and to do some of the awesome diving around Bali as we do this as a dive safari. Please let us know if you need assistance with a visa for Indonesia.


including e-Learning and Slate
IDR 35 MIL per person
  • 26 Days
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