PADI Instructor Development Course, Bali, Indonesia

PADI Instructor Development Course

Our goal at Crystal Divers Bali is to teach you the knowledge, skills and confidence to be the best, most up to date instructor in the world. We don’t teach to pass an Instructor Exam, we prepare you for real life teaching environments. The PADI Instructor Development Course starts by gives you a foundation overview of the dive industry including topics on marketing, risk management, business of diving and learning and the PADI system to name a few. We can teach all our Internships in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish and Indonesian.

We then work on developing your teaching style and you will put into practice developing a realistic classroom presentation from all levels in the PADI system. We will also work on how to teach student divers in a confined water (pool) environment. Our huge training pool makes this a fun and important part of developing your skills to teach both entry level and continuing education dive skills in a pool. Finally we develop your ability and control and supervise students in a real open water environment. Ensuring mastery at all levels in role playing environment that teaches real world “thinking like an instructor” mentality.

We take an in depth look at each of the PADI courses you will be able to teach once certified and do workshops in each of these courses to ensure a full understanding of how to conduct and pass on knowledge to student divers. Using the most modern teaching techniques we place a large focus on teaching dive skills with a focus on neutral buoyancy from day one.


The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is split up into two components. The first portion is the Assistant Instructor (AI) course, followed by the Open Water Scuba Instructor program (OWSI). These courses can be taken separately but are normally combined as the IDC, followed by an Instructor Examination (IE) where PADI checks that you have mastered the knowledge and skills to become an instructor.

When you have successfully completed the IDC+IE, you will be certified to teach the world to dive using the PADI system

PADI Instructor Development Internships

Level 1 IDC Program

This package comprises the 16-day IDC, featuring lunch on all training days. Alongside, it encompasses three PADI specialty instructor ratings for Peak Performance Buoyancy, PADI AWARE, and Coral Reef Conservation. Plus, you’ll receive one of our stylish IDC t-shirts, ensuring you look effortlessly cool during your instructor exam. The program also covers the essential Emergency First Response (EFR) instructor course and includes our three-day IDC prep course. In this prep course, we comprehensively review all the necessary aspects, ensuring you gain confidence in dive theory and master the neutrally buoyant skill circuit.

Also included in the package :

  • Online support prior arrival
  • Equipment Rental
  • Crystal Rash Guard to always look good underwater
  • Dry Bag

Level 1 Internship

Rp 25 MIL per person
  • 16 Days + 2 IE

Level 2 IDC Program​

Our highly favored and all-encompassing choice for individuals aspiring to become a PADI Instructor, inclusive of MSDT training. This option not only incorporates all the fantastic features mentioned earlier but also features the MSDT prep program, allowing candidates to select any 5 PADI specialty instructor ratings. Additionally, we provide the option to access our online library of practice exams. Participants enjoy unlimited preparation and assisting opportunities with courses before the commencement of the IDC. Moreover, the program offers workshops covering disabled diving, Sidemount, oxygen handling, equipment servicing, and compressor use.

Level 2 Internship

Rp 35 MIL per person
  • 16 Days + 2 IE + 5 MSDT

Level 3 IDC Program​

The Level 3 program stands out with unmatched supplementary offerings not found elsewhere in the market. The package includes one month of private accommodation at no extra cost, along with team teaching opportunities post-IDC. This post-training experience enables you to apply your newly acquired instructor skills and attain your initial certifications, providing a valuable hands-on learning opportunity. We also include:

  • Instructor “tool kit” of SMB and reel
  • Compass and Cutting tool
  • Save a Dive Tool Kit
  • Crystal Divers Pro Team Towel
  • Pocket Mask
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Job placement assistance 

Level 3 Internship

Rp 45 MIL per person
  • 16 Days + 2 IE + 5 MSDT


Instructor Development CourseInstructor ExaminationMSDT
Jan 10-26Jan 27-28Jan 30
Feb 14- Mar 1Mar 2-3Mar 5
Mar 20- Apr 5Apr 6-7Apr 9
Apr 17- May 3May 4-5May 7
May 15-31Jun 1-2Jun 4
Jun 19- Jul 5Jul 6-7Jul 9
Jul 17- Aug 2Aug 3-4Aug 6
Aug 21- Sep 6Sep 7-8Sep 10
Oct 16- Nov 1Nov 2-3Nov 4
Nov 20- Dec 6Dec 7-8Dec 10
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