Scuba Diving Sanur with Crystal Divers

Scuba Diving Sanur

Our most accessible dive site, only ten minutes in our boat and ideal for those who may be limited for time. The reef is in good condition with a large area of sandy bottom making it a perfect training ground, especially for PADI Open Water Courses or Navigation Specialties. Visibility can be variable depending on tidal conditions and lunar activity. All kinds of marine life frequent this coastline, so one can hope to see, small white tip sharks, Lionfish, Clownfish, reef fish and the many other forms of aquatic life.

Visibility 2m – 15 m.
Depth up to 30 m.


Day Trip - 2 Dives
IDR 1.8 MIL per person

Sanur Channel

Sanur Channel is located few minutes boat ride from Sanur beach (Pantai Semawang). Sanur Channel have a small, shallow coral reef with a lot of underwater life. 

The reef is home to many lionfish for all sizes, big pufferfish, clownfish and small barracudas. There are moray eels, sea snakes and shoals of bat fish. If you are lucky, you may find a hidden scorpion fish or octopus and small shrimps. Especially during the night you can see the moray eels and the octopus hunting for food. Along the reef, steel structures used as artificial reefs to attract fish and grow coral on. Other underwater sculptures are placed in the other side of the reef. The training area is a good place to practice some of your dive skills and often the first place we go in the open water course. 

The visibility and the current depend on the tide. The visibility is around 5-15 meters and the temperature is around 26-29 degrees. The depth is maximum 9 meters at the bottom and the top of the reef is at 3 meters, which also makes the dive site perfect for snorkeling. Sanur Channel is a good dive site, if you don’t want to travel long for diving, try good night diving or just want to go snorkeling close to the beach at a beautiful reef with a lot of underwater life.

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