Scuba Diving Padang Bai with Crystal Divers

Scuba Diving Padang Bali

A relatively short car journey to the quant village of Padang Bai through some beautiful Bali countryside reveals some of Bali’s best diving. Offering great variations in marine life that will suit all levels whether you are looking for tiny critters or larger fish and turtles the dive sites around Padang Bai will not disappoint. These sites are great for photographers of vary experience and are sure to offer up some great shots.

Visibility 10m- 20 m.
Depth up to 40m.

Padang Bai

Day Trip - 2 Dives
IDR 2.3 MIL per person

Blue Lagoon

Just a few minutes “jukung” (small Indonesian boat) ride from Padang Bai you will find Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is a white sandy bottom to around 8m, with beautiful coral bommies in the shallow area with lots of reef fish and sweetlips and snappers. The sand slopes down to around 30m, sometimes you can even find seahorses here. Out to the left there is a wall to around 25m covered in featherstars and a good place to see cuttlefish and sometimes you may find juvenile batfish and sweetlips hiding in the crevices. To the right is a colourful top reef with hard corals which are a great nursery for various juvenile reef fish. The sandy slope can also be great for finding critters.

Tanjung Sari

Just a few minutes “jukung” (small Indonesian boat) ride from Padang Bai. There are lots of hard corals between 3 – 7m with a sandy slope with some artificial structures. This is a good place to keep an eye out for critters and cuttlefish and stingrays. The sandy slope becomes a reef the further you go around with some huge coral bommies. Look out for ribbon eels and some leaf fish hiding around the bommies. Don’t forget to look under the large table corals, you may find juvenile sharks.


Less than 10 minutes from Padang Bai by jukung. A shallow top reef with hard corals and lots of anemones between 3m to 7m. The sandy slope has various coral bommies and you will find some statues around 10m with some artificial reef structures spread along the dive site all between 10 – 19m. This is a great site for critters such as frogfish, nudibranchs, mantis shrimps and sometimes seahorses. There is also a small speedboat wreck at 17m. Sometimes there are juvenile sharks hiding in the artificial structures. 

Bias Tugal

About 5 minutes from Padang Bai is White Sand beach also known as Bias Tugal. The shallow area around 5m is full of hard corals and lost of large coral bommies. Great for finding cuttlefish, octopus and leaffish. The reef slopes down and becomes more sandy with some patches of hard corals and bommies. Keep an eye out to the blue for a passing eagle ray or turtles cruising by. If you like critters the sandy areas are great for nudibranchs. 

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