Conservation Internships, Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia Conservation Internship When divers think of Bali there are a few things that come to mind: Mola Mola – the iconic “Mola Mola” or Bali Sunfish is a unique looking animal that has captivated divers for years. Their elusiveness and weird features make them a “must” on most divers bucket list of animals […]

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Spotting Critters in Bali, Indonesia

Macro life around Bali, Indonesia Ever had one of those dives where you no idea what your Divemaster was pointing out to you so ecstatically? Some weird colourful little critter or something so tiny you couldn’t see it or it was so camouflaged? There is a completely different world underwater full of some incredible critters. You may have

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How much do you know about sharks ? Do you care enough ?

Did you know that Crystal Divers is a Shark Guardian dive center ? Why should we care about Saving Sharks and support organisations like Shark Guardian ? Sharks are misunderstood creatures that have developed a negative and exaggerated reputation as big monster killers, but that is not true. Shark guardians  aim is to change this

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