Being a Scuba Diver on Lockdown

“something related to eLearning and trying to encourage people to learn a new dive skill while they are on lockdown? It might encourage some people to take a course who otherwise wouldn’t want to spend time in the classroom on holiday…” Use this hyperlink wherever possible to Link to Crystal Divers eLearning sale page: Crystal …

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Crystal Divers ELearning

Dive Perfectly Weighted

How and why you should do a weight check. Whether you have just finished your Open Water course or you are getting reading for your PADI Divemaster course, knowing how to do a proper weight check is a skill you will use very often! When we dive, we want to dive perfectly weighted, not dragging …

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Anniversary party

As you might have noticed, Crystal Divers recently turned 20 years. During the year of 2016 we have had many celebratory things going on at the shop and our dive shows. One thing we did was a giveaway on our Facebook page where we every month gave away a free PADI Course from DSD to …

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This is one of the reasons that you got to love Bali the island of gods !!!

  Ask your self’s ?? If you found 1 years wages in a bag would you give it back ?? All who has been to Asian countries in general, would say they have all had hassle at some point: I got hassled to buy stuff  I don’t want People tried to drag me into their …

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