PADI Divemaster Course Vs. Divemaster Internships in Bali


Are you looking for a PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali? Becoming confused about what the difference between a Divemaster Course and a Divemaster Internship really is? You are not alone! We’ve all been there too, and this Blog is designed to outline the differences, pro’s and cons of each and dispel some common misunderstandings.

Are Internships Free?

No! We’ve put this at the top of the list because we are asked this most often. It’s not possible to take a free internship in Bali or work in return for training under Indonesian immigration laws.

Is an Internship Free Labour?

No! You’ll be a part of our team, and that includes getting to spend time with our diving staff and working with real customers – this is a huge benefit of our internship program. You’ll see real-life situations that are entirely unscripted. During a Divemaster Course, many cases, both in the water and on land, are emulated by members of staff. This gives you the experience you need, but it’s not the same as the real deal! 

Our Divemaster Interns are expected to do what our own PADI Divemasters do, and once in a while, you might carry a tank or help a guest with their gear. Unlike in some regions, we have a team of staff for loading tanks, carrying equipment, and heavy lifting – this is not your job or part of your internship.

I Don’t Have Time for an Internship. Is the Divemaster Course Less Valuable?

Not at all. The two options are not comparable. They suit different people with different needs. If you are planning to work in the industry, we recommend our internship option so you can show you have the experience, and you gain an understanding of how things work in real life.
At Crystal Divers, we offer you a choice of ways to become a PADI Divemaster in Bali. We know that people take the PADI Divemaster Course for different reasons, and so we offer various options to match.

Whether you want to become a PADI Divemaster and start working in the dive industry, become a PADI Instructor, or if you’re going to experience what it’s really like behind the scenes and to be a part of a professional dive team, then our PADI Divemaster Internship is explicitly designed for you!
If you are tight on time and need to push through the certification program as quickly as possible, we offer a Divemaster Course designed to get you to where you need to be.

At Crystal Divers, we firmly believe that we are different; we encourage everyone to take a Divemaster Internship if they have the time. Why? Because you’ll learn more, develop stronger skills, gain ‘real-life’ experience, and have an incredible once-in-a-lifetime adventure here in Bali with us, but if you don’t have time, that’s okay too. Our ultimate goal is to get you where you want to be – a PADI certified Divemaster.
To decide what’s best for you, our two Divemaster options are outlined below:

PADI Divemaster Internship in Bali

*Better Value
*Real-life experience
*More flexibility
*Be a part of Bali’s leading dive center
*Ideal stepping stone to IDC (can be combined)

*Best choice for anyone who wants to work in diving, lead groups or become a PADI Instructor

Our Divemaster Internships are challenging, fun and inspirational. You’ll spend your time alongside our professional team who are passionate about scuba diving and sharing their knowledge. You’ll dive Bali’s best dive sites and experience living in tropical Bali!

Our internships revolve around you and your learning. You’ll complete all necessary requirements for your PADI qualification while gaining real-life experience, and you’ll genuinely grow and gain confidence in yourself and your diving during your time in Bali.

Our Divemaster interns are not student divers or guests, and you are a part of our team and our Crystal Divers family! You’ll be mentored by some of Bali’s leading dive professionals and learn from some of South East Asia’s most respected scuba diving educators.

We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to complete your Divemaster Internship in Bali, but you are welcome to stay for longer. Everyone is different, and we will progress your training at a pace that suits the pace of your learning.

Upon successful completion and satisfactory performance of your internship, we’ll be happy to supply you with a written reference which you can use when applying for diving jobs!

If you want to become a PADI Instructor, the Divemaster Internship is the right choice for you, we’ll make sure that upon completion of your Divemaster Internship you are 100% ready to embark on your journey to becoming a PADI Instructor by taking the IDC (Instructor Development Course).

PADI Divemaster Course in Bali

*Gets you certified in the most time effective way
*Train at Bali’s leading dive center
*Best choice for those who want to get certified and don’t need or want professional industry experience.
We aim to run our Divemaster courses over four weeks, and you’ll visit some of Bali’s best dive sites while learning all aspects of the role of a PADI Divemaster.
We’ll carefully schedule your Divemaster Course around your available time and ensure that you meet all PADI requirements for certification as a PADI Divemaster. Our professional team will keep you on track as you progress towards becoming a PADI Pro!

Divemaster Internships to Inspire

If you’ve decided that a PADI Divemaster Internship is the right fit for you, we have a number of options to choose from. Everyone is different and a we’ve tailor-made a selection of internship options to take into account any special interests you might have…

Complete Divemaster Internship

Our complete Divemaster Internship includes the PADI Divemaster Crew Pack, 6 weeks accommodation, all extra workshops, unlimited diving and mentoring by our Platinum PADI Course Directors. You’ll experience ‘real life’ as a PADI Divemaster, and you’ll become a part of our team!

Conservation Divemaster Internship

Our conservation internships at Crystal Divers Bali focus on two key areas: Coral reefs and reef restoration, and (of course) Mola! Combine learning about corals, coral ID, and reef restoration with the latest studies about the oceanic sunfish!

Master DM Internship

Our Complete Divemaster Internship (above) PLUS ANY 5 PADI Specialty diver certifications and the PADI Master Scuba Diver certification. Thinking about becoming a PADI Instructor? Some instructor specialty ratings require you to have taken the corresponding specialty course, so this is a great way to get started on your Instructor preparation before the IDC.

Adaptive Divemaster Internship

All the great features of our Complete Divemaster Internship plus the PADI Adaptive Diver Specialty, Disabled Divers International Divemaster certification. This is an extremely rewarding option to take your diving to another level.

Tec Divemaster Internship

All the great features of our Complete Divemaster Internship plus PADI Deep Diver, Enriched Air Diver, PADI Sidemount recreational level. PADI TEC 40, 45 & 50 Diver.
How Do I Get Started?
To start PADI Divemaster training (internship and course requirements) you must:
• Be 18 years old at the start of Divemaster training
• Have logged 20 dives
• Have completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care training within the last 24 months
• Be medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within the previous 12 months
• Be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver or have an equivalent rating through another organization.
If you do not meet some (or any) of the requirements above, do not worry!! Contact us, and we will structure a program around where you are now.
To get started on your journey to becoming a PADI Divemaster in Bali, fill in our online contact form or email us at, and we will get right back to you.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Crystal Divers soon!

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